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Air Shower

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Distributor filter udara, dust collectors, filter karbon (gas-phase filters), batching plant , silo, rotary valves dan suku cadang mesin. Aplikasi di rumah sakit, farmasi, lab., mal, corrugating, pembangkit listrik dan berbagai industri/pabrik.
Peringatan: Awas penipuan, semua transaksi keuangan melalui rekening perusahaan (bukan perorangan).

Detail Air Shower

Air shower is a self-contained chamber installed at the entrance to a cleanroom and other controlled environments to protect the cleanroom and from unwanted contamination. HEPA filtered air or air shower will blow off dust particles from the personnel and equipment before they enter the cleanroom. Also it can be used to remove hazardous contaminate from the personnel and equipment when they exit the facilities.
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