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Rotary Valves

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20 / 05 / 2024
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Distributor filter udara, dust collectors, filter karbon (gas-phase filters), batching plant , silo, rotary valves dan suku cadang mesin. Aplikasi di rumah sakit, farmasi, lab., mal, corrugating, pembangkit listrik dan berbagai industri/pabrik.
Peringatan: Awas penipuan, semua transaksi keuangan melalui rekening perusahaan (bukan perorangan).

Detail Rotary Valves

A rotary valve is a type of valve that is used to regulate the discharge flow of powder or pellets from a silo/ hopper. Material: Cast iron, mild steel or stainless steel RFV/ SFV Type : Applied for heavy duty applications in general dust collector systems. BTV Type: Applied for positive air pressure, , supply for pneumatic conveying system, max. diferrent pressure 0.2Mpa and working temperature 300° C. QCV Type: Quick-cleaning model, supply for food, medical, chemical industry. Video of QCV Rotary Feeder: http: / / watch? v= hjAky1edHGk
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